• Luxury Apartment A301

    A301 is a luxuriously furnished small apartment with a separate bedroom in downtown Belgrade. Suitable for up to four adults person staying. Located in the top place between business locations and tourist attractions.

  • Luxury Apartment A302

    A302 is an excellent studio apartment for two, with a terrace, located in the very center of Belgrade.

  • Luxury Apartment B303

    B303 is excellent, spacious and modern one bedroom apartment in the heart of Belgrade. It can accommodate up to six people.

  • Luxury Apartment B304

    B304 is a luxurious apartment for two in the very center of Belgrade. With its two king size single beds, large terrace and refined interior it is nice abode for two.

Deluxe Apartment A of the accommodation unit in the center of Belgrade, consisting of two otherwise separate apartment with own entrance. This apartment has two bathrooms, two kitchens and is suitable for six.

Deluxe Apartment B is combination of two centrally located apartments (B303 and B304) that share an entrance. It can accommodate up to 8 adults.